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What we do

PeerPass™ sets the standard for building trust in peer-to-peer marketplaces by verifying and managing online reputation. PeerPass™ has been developed to empower peer-to-peer marketplaces to provide a safe and reliable environment for their customers to interact.

PeerPass™ is the product of over 5 years of technical development and leverages proprietary technology and industry leading identity, information and security products.

PeerPass™ verification is the gateway to a world of peer-to-peer advantages.

ID Verification

PeerPass™ leverages industry-leading identity services to verify in real time: Australian Driver's Licences, Passports and other documents directly with Government Agencies.

Social Media Verification

By connecting to social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, customers can further verify their identity and online presence.

Credit Checks

PeerPass™ can access comprehensive credit reports on individuals, ensuring that only those with a good credit history can gain access to your services.

Comments and Feedback

Sharing feedback with other community members helps to foster positive behaviour within the community and encourages successful interactions.


Electronic signatures (e-Signing) combined with SMS authentication ensure documents are signed as securely and efficiently as possible. Detailed audit trails includes timestamps and IP addresses that are appended to each signature.

Fraud Prevention

Transactions are checked against a global database of credit card activity that can automatically challenge or deny suspicious transactions.

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